Next Show: Griffin Opera House

June 18 at Griffin Opera House

Join the band for an evening of songs for the soul and experience a Fox Theater-like atmosphere!

Opening the show at 7 p.m. will be “Diplomats of the Beat” playing classic rock n roll.

102 North Hill St.
Griffin, GA

Music starts at 7 p.m.

Act now! Tables are Going Fast!

People Already Love the Music!

“The best thing…is how well it plays on loop, over and over without getting the least bit bored. The proper mix of folk and country with a classic rock foundation is what make Water To Wine’s music so accessible…Water To Wine serve up the best of both worlds…”
–Mark Druery, Indieshark
“Great release by the Atlanta area band with tons of moxie and absolute positive vibes…It does not matter if you are more into country or rock, as they even cross genres into Americana. The vocals get better as they go and wind up being a featured asset..”
— Colin Jordan, Medium
“Water To Wine put together something layered but also fresh sounding as if it were recorded in one take and it sounds cleverly easy but it’s more of a magic all their own. The band have loads of soul behind their country and rock rooted Americana sensibilities…”
–Clay Burton, Independent Music and Arts