Water to Wine Releases Song, “Sisters and Brothers”

For Immediate Release

Sisters & Brothers cover artAtlanta GA, For Immediate Release – Atlanta based artist, Water to Wine is releasing their second single this year with “Sisters and Brothers”. The hope for the song and video is to spark reflection, in this moment of social unrest

“Sisters and Brothers” will be released online, September 18th, at 8pm EST with a video premiere on YouTube and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/watertovino/

Starting on the 18th, the song will be available on all popular streaming platforms.

The song was written a couple of years ago and was recently finished and recorded in early 2020. “We had no idea it would land in such a timely moment, but we are very excited to get this message out. Maybe some will think about this message of decency, after hearing or seeing the video” says Matthew Russom, the writer of the song. “Kindness carried out on purpose, trying every day to be good to each other, in the line at the grocery store or at the bank. This purpose creates a more decent society and a better experience for all of us” says Russom, with a big smile.

The song begins with an old spiritual’s feel and quickly points to a child’s time of innocence. A time when it was instinctual and natural, to see the good in others. Reminding us that sometimes the way forward is actually “going back” to that child.

As the lyric asks us to then “unlearn everything” we hear the words and feel the feelings of our typical life conflict. Making our way through the journey of life but noticing more negative feelings towards those that are different. The song reminds us, that we must help and try to understand each other through this walk.

The band’s management told us, “They have tried to set the stage to get listeners thinking and talking AND listening, to the dynamic with all the conflict we are seeing in our society today.

The song’s intention is to motivate all of us who hear the song or see the video, to see the things and people around us with a little more kindness than before.

How can you help?

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    “Sisters and Brothers” will premier and be released on Friday, September 18th.

    Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/watertovino/

    YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzqdehGesVRvr6mr7S7uktQ?view_as=subscriber

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    Who is Water to Wine?

    Water to Wine is an Atlanta based group with a Melodic New Country Rock sound.  

    Being fronted by a male and female vocalist, their vocal lines and harmonies are an immediate stand out. Water to Wine’s original music has a familiar ring to it, reminding the listener of the great Classic, Americana and Country rock legends. The group plays and sings with an organic touch that will remind you of their vintage southern, country rock and other diverse influences.  

    When you get the opportunity to hear a Water to Wine set, you’ll be caught by the sweet Vocal performance, the precision of a Rhythm Section that hits hard, and the melodic back and forth between the Lead Guitar and the Keys and Organ. A little bit Ronstadt and little bit Eagles, this band will leave you looking for their next show. 

    The band plays primarily in the Southeast at various amphitheaters and music halls. In May of 2020, Water to Wine released their debut single “HERO” dedicated to the men and women working on the front lines during the pandemic. Sisters and brothers is sure to be a follow up success and will be released 9/18/2020. Subsequent songs are being finished and will to be released throughout the fall and early 2021. 

    Media Contact:
    Ken Reaves
    205 966-8340


    Artist Management:
    The Show Business
    770 477-6227