It’s All Good

Filmed at the Griffin Opera House, this video captures the energy and vibe of a Water to Wine show!

Over 160k views so far across Facebook and YouTube!

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That’s What I’m Talkin’ About

Over 290k views across Facebook and YouTube!

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We’re Gonna Have a Big Time

Over 300k views so far!

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Sing You a Song

Over 200k views so far!

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Good Time’N

Third video – watch the whole video for the twist at the end

  • Over 100k plays on YouTube
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Sisters and Brothers

Second video which reached a worldwide audience.

  • Over 400k plays on Facebook
  • Over 40k views on YouTube


Our first original music video celebrating the heroes of the Covid-19 pandemic – the frontline workers

  • Over 10k plays on Facebook
  • Over 29k views on youTube

Tribute to Eddie VanHalen/VH1

A guitar tribute to the one and only, Edward Van Halen – 11 tunes in 11 minutes.

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Boston – Long Time

Our cover of the classic recorded at Southern Ground in 2018

Riviera Paradise

Cover of the Stevie Ray Vaughan Classic