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Press Releases

Water to Wine Releases Song, “Sisters and Brothers”

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Water to Wine Releases Song, “Hero” to Benefit COVID-19 Charity

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What People Are Saying

Water To Wine put together something layered but also fresh sounding as if it were recorded in one take and it sounds cleverly easy but it’s more of a magic all their own....“Good Time’n” is one of the best country and rock songs for the masses in 2021, as I ponder it before it is out and reflect on the strong message it sends and predict it does the same to anyone hearing it.
--Clay Burton, Independent Music and Arts Inc.
It does not matter if you are more into country or rock, as they even cross genres into Americana and don’t forget about musicality altogether. Their sound reaches more of a global audience than a regional one, so it’s only safe to say that Atlanta are spoiled by Water To Wine, it’s not a secret to after hearing more of their music. This song just makes you want to hear more of them.
--Colin Jordan, Medium
The vocals on ‘Good Time’n” take a front seat all the way, but the banjo and percussion make a sold foundation for them to fly over and dominate the song to get the positive message across and it keeps you pumped from beginning to end. In fact, I found myself playing the song over and over and wanting to hear more from Water To Wine.
--John McCall, Too Much Love